Monday, December 24, 2007

Overwhelming Your Opponent

My SO has trained in martial arts, which means that every time I act silly or tickle him, and he wants to stop it, he does some crazy move beyond my comprehension and I end up stuck. He claims he's not that good, so I figure it would only take a few martial arts courses to move beyond his level, and feel more comfortable walking home at night too!

Captain Chris has just such a program. It's called Close Combat Training and he claims it goes beyond the realms or martial arts, street or reality fighting to give you something better, and more useful in real-life defense situations.

His website offers testimonials, live chat support, and an "unheard-of satisfaction guarantee" which is what I see as a pretty basic 30-day money back (less shipping charges) guarantee. I'm not sure it actually qualifies as unheard-of, but it is pretty good nonetheless.

They have empty pages for various articles on self-defense, martial arts, and close combat, as well as the makings of an affiliate program that isn't quite set-up yet. It looks like Captain Chris is in the beginning stages of setting up his website, but he has the important part: a product you can use.

One thing that worries me is that their terms and conditions page is not yet available to the public, but they do have a merchant policies page. Even so, I'd wait until they get their terms and conditions suitable for public consumption before buying the 12 dvd set.

Even if you don't think you're in the market for this, it's a pretty neat and informative site, so go check out the self-proclaimed world leader in self-defense today!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


While thinking about where I'd go on my European vacation, the idea of landing somewhere that spoke English seemed like a reasonable one. While many countries have English as part of their language, the United Kingdom also has many brilliant and wonderful attractions.
Their history goes back much farther than most Americans can count. And since the expansive Cheaper Than Hotels site is based in the UK, this is their forte!

Into movies? Here you can find the locations where Braveheart, Goldfinger, and Harry Potter were filmed, and many more!

In case your travels take you all around, Cheaper than hotels has sites for hotels in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Also, can help you plan where to go and how to get there.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Life Happens

So I'm looking at graduating in May, and the main thing that freaks me out that I've never dealt with before is getting myself life and health insurance.

Advantage Term Life Insurance has all sorts of information to help you with that. They sell life insurance, and have a neat insurance quoting service that is designed to give you tons of plan options.

They also do family plans or business life insurance with corporate insurance plans for employers.

I haven't made any decisions myself yet, but they're definitely a good resource to check out as you're gathering information.

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Friday, December 21, 2007


I've found a new site similar to Triond and Associated Content. Triond has turned out to be kind of a bust overall, so I'm pretty much comparing this against Associated Content to see where I should focus my energies.

It's called and it works on what appears to be a pretty simple system, where you get a cut of advertising revenues gained from writing about things you know and like. For example, here's a page about making gingerbread houses!

The layout looks similar to Triond, but it may have a bigger network and pay better overall. We shall see!

The Best Shopping Destination

I recently decided that what I really wanted to do some day was go on a sightseeing/shopping trip somewhere exotic and spectacular. My SO pointed out to me that Madrid probably has the cheapest shopping available in a first world country. So that's next on my list of destinations, and when I go, I'll use the ever-ready CheaperThanHotels site. Though they're based in the UK, they have info on hotels or hostels all across Europe at great prices.

If you're seriously considering it, more info is available here on Madrid's tourist attractions, Spanish food (tapas), entertainment (bull fighting), and architecture, and in case you're interested in a longer, more extensive trip, attractions in Barcelona as well.

And remember, to compare a whole bunch of hotels in all genres at their best prices, be sure to check out

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm not sure if I've posted about recently, but since I've been home and had a decent bandwidth, I've gotten more into it. Don't get me wrong, this site doesn't require a huge bandwidth, just a better one than the awful service I get at school.

Now, on break, I'm playing a lot, and have earned $0.32 repeatedly. If I played smarter I'm sure I could hold onto it too!

Moola is a tournament style game where you are given $0.01 whenever you begin and you bet it against someone else playing one of three games. Whoever wins the game, gets both cents, and if you keep winning, you can double your money pretty darn fast.

What I'm interested by is their boosters, where you can complete offers and earn money to be or to cash out with, and where if you use their search engine, you can randomly win money too!

Moola is only in Beta right now, so you need an invitation, but I have 100, so comment or email me if you want one. (retrogradesonnet [at] Moola is having a booster special tonight, so hurry up!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Losing Killed Time

More and more of my time has been filled with life and wonder recently, and less and less of it has been available to be killed. I think this is partly because my "killing time" projects have morphed into genuine activities of interest, such as creating jewelry and selling it on or playing games on Prizee because I genuinely enjoy the games.

And now, although I won't be having class for 7 weeks, I can't promise I'll be killing much time. I'm supposed to be writing the crowning acheivement, of my academic career, and when I'm not doing that, I'll probably still be doing something productive.

But I'll keep blogging. Perhaps the burying I'm doing now will be a more final burial than it was originally intended to be. Life shifts on us sometimes. I guess I'll go along with it.