Friday, November 30, 2007

Can of Worms

So I've been having a ball with Prizee, and as I went one day to idly browse their forums, I noticed that there are hundreds upon hundreds of these kinds of sites out there, all based in Europe!

These sites fall into one of two categories. You either play games to earn points towards money/prizes, or you play games to earn points towards codes to be able to play at yet another another of this kind of site somewhere else in the wide internet gaming world.

Some of these sites won't let you play unless you live in their country. I scratched these off my list. Some won't ship prizes to you unless you live nearby. These you can earn codes at pretty easily. Most aren't available in English. By comparison, Prizee is doing a pretty great job. The only one I've stuck with so far is

Their site isn't available in English, but it's pretty easy to figure out. It takes 9,900 points to earn one MaxPack, and so far I've earned an average of 214 points per day, in about five minutes each day. That means it'll take about a month and a half to earn enough for a maxpack, but from what I can tell from other sites, that's not bad.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Light of my Life

So I'm looking at graduating in May, getting my own apartment, and eventually my own house. Unfortunately, as I've begun my search, apartments very rarely come furnished, and I hardly have the big bucks to shell out on fancy schmancy designer furniture. One of the most important things to have in a room is good lighting. I learned this living in a dorm with 19' ceilings, few windows, and no lamps.

The place to go, the place I will go, is Their fixtures actually cover a whole range of things, including:

You can shop by brand, use, or style, and they even have a closeout section for us broke college grads! If you're in the market for any kind of lighting, just check them out. The worst that will happen is you'll find something you like!

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Feeling Lost?

The GPS Insight website might have just what you need. They have a whole range of vehicle tracking devices for individuals and for companies looking to track labor efficiency and to find the best routes to deliver pizza, installer cable, or make any kind of house call. Their wireless system is run by AT&T, which has the largest wireless coverage in the United States.

The website is clean and well-put together, which should make it a breeze for even the smallest company to get their drivers organized. At a cost of between $1.50 and $2.00 a day, this service is essential for any company on a tight budget.

In addition to the fact that this hardware will save your business money overall on fuel, labor, and route efficiency, it's also a breeze to install as it plugs directly into your vehicle's diagnostics port.

The information you get is on
  • Speeding
  • Engine Diagnostic Fault codes/alerts
  • Begin/End of day report
  • Off-Hours Reports/Alerts
  • Landmark Reports
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Miles Per Gallon / Fuel Consumption
  • Stop reports with configurable idle stop times
  • Idle time report using engine diagnostic data
  • Service log with scheduled service alerts
  • Odometer, diagnostic fault codes, emissions
  • Compliance, and fuel usage/MPG from the engine's computer
  • Scheduled email reports/graphs, and automated alerts

And the company is more than willing to work with your individual business as they will customize their services to fit your needs.

They have a strong support system on the off chance that anything should go wrong, and they even run a company blog so you can keep up to date on every new innovation and development as quickly as possible. For example, their most recent post is about how they're trying to integrate map books with their system without violating copyright laws so that the map books people will be able to sell more, and their existing customers will be able to benefit, creating a win-win situation for all involved. It sounds thoughtful and genuine, and seeing the process of scanning and analyzing the maps is pretty awesome.

I don't have much experience with corporate GPS systems, but its stability and efficiency on the GPS locater side looks standard for the industry, and from what I can tell they've thought of all the necessary ins and outs of what a GPS tracking system should be, as well as adding in a lot of extra bells and whistles that you might not need, but if you have the right kind of business going, could also come in really handy.

For example, if you or your managers are always running around, say on a construction site, you might need to get your updates on your cell phone, which you can do with their handy texting ability. Updates can be sent to you wherever you are on what's going on right then with your worker who's picking up materials, or visiting the client. Is it too late to get brick instead of marble? Only if you use GPS Insight will you be able to know.

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